The issue of AIDS

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is the sole entirely new virus of the 20th century. All sorts of theories were proposed for its emergence, except one: exposure to electromagnetic fields. And somewhat paradoxically, the more important a problem is, the more difficult it is to propose an hypothesis which is not “officially” validated. Yet, scientific advances are not favored by limiting scientific research to the bounds of the socially acceptable truths. In view of its importance, we think that it is necessary to consider the issue of a possible link between exposure to electromagnetic fields and AIDS.  Here we present the hypothesis that the HIV virus appeared as a consequence of exposure to radio and television electromagnetic fields.

The emergence of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) was explained by a transmission from apes to man. But a number of facts show that in apes and monkeys the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) is also recent . It may be that HIV was transmitted from ape to man, but this does not resolve the question regarding the emergence of HIV/SIV.

It is likely that HIV/SIV appeared in the twentieth century. It is almost certain that it was not pathogenic before the 1960s, whether on humans or on apes and monkeys. It is thus likely that HIV/SIV appeared in the twentieth century, and it is almost certain that it became pathogenic only during the second half of the twentieth century. The environmental change that rendered possible the emergence of AIDS in humans and animals during the twentieth century must have affected both humans and animals. Exposure to electromagnetic waves, which affected both humans and animals, is thus a natural candidate.

But it is not only a canditate. HIV/SIV is highly optimized to take advantage of gaps in the immune protection which are due to exposure to electromagnetic waves. A number of facts show that it has evolved from the leukemia virus HTLV-1/STLV-1 towards a version which is optimized to take advantage of the gaps in the immune protection which are caused by exposure to electromagnetic waves. Its evolution was favored by inter-species exchanges, which explains why it emerged first in Central Africa. The history of AIDS further shows a strong link with Television broadcasting.

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Arguments in favor of a link between AIDS and radiofrequency exposure are more complex than those related to Poliomyelitis or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, insofar as one cannot rely on simple coincidence analysis. This lack of simplicity is compensated by the excellent knowledge of AIDS gathered by scientists.

Another issue is the lack of scientific consensus: this issue is not discussed anywhere outside this web site. Whilst the theory can theoretically be tested, such test has not been attempted. Thus, the reader can rely only on his personal judgment to appreciate the value of the arguments presented herein.

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