Cancer & Autoimmunity: experimental and statistical

The theoretical approach to the interaction of electromagnetic waves with the immune system was first applied and experimentally confirmed through interactions of electromagnetic waves with cancer and auto-immunity.

Negation of these effects is based on low bandwidth experimentations for which effects are often weak, on a scientific “custom” to downplay or ignore obtained results when writing conclusions, and on non-recognition of the fact that effects can be both pro-cancer and anti-cancer. Global analyses based only on conclusions of individual studies, ignoring the distinction between low-bandwidth and large-bandwidth exposure, and analyzing pro-cancer and anti-cancer effects as mutually incoherent, invariably yield to the conclusion that there are no effects or that observed effects are inconsistent.

The reality is that when sufficient bandwidth is used -as is the case for telecommunication applications – both pro-cancer (and anti-auto-immune) and anti-cancer (and pro-auto-immune) effects can be observed, depending on exposure details.

To examine more in detail the experimental and statistical aspects of the interaction of electromagnetic waves with cancer and auto-immune diseases, you may download the following document:

Interaction of electromagnetic fields with cancer and auto-immunity.

Also do not forget to read the page on physics & biology, particularly the document on the interaction of the cycle of T lymphocytes with electromagnetic fields.

For a more precise discussion you may download the following reference paper:

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