COVID and electromagnetic fields

Coronavirus is the cause of COVID deaths, just like Wildfire is a cause of death by burning.

Some laboratory may have allowed Coronavirus to escape, just like someone may have negligently discarded a lit cigarette, thus starting the fire.

But the story does not end here. The fire spread because the land was dried out. The land was dry because of successive draughts. The draughts were related to global warming. Global warming is caused by emissions of carbon dioxyde due to human activities.

Neither does the COVID story end here. There is a chain of causalities which needs to be fully determined. Some radiofrequency emissions, or merely some technical aspect of these emissions, are most likely the root cause of COVID. Stopping COVID by acting on the root cause would be far less risky and probably less costly than stopping COVID through vaccination.

The belief in the absence of non-thermal effects and other similar beliefs (see the Doctrine of the innocuity of electromagnetic waves ) which is the theoretical basis for rejecting effects of electromagnetic fields on health, is no further adhered to by a majority of implied scientists. Its abandonment was validated by more than 240 scientists (see ) for whom “EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines” (these guidelines only take into account thermal effects). Even the most conservative organisms now begin to take into account non-thermal effects. For example, in France the ANSES (the government agency in charge of public health) recommends to decrease children’s exposure to electromagnetic fields.

The acceptance of non-thermal effects of electromagnetic fields implies that  COVID-19 issues must now be dealt with with the openness of mind which this change of perspective implies, using all available scientific knowledge, rather than only such knowledge which was found acceptable within the Doctrine of the innocuity of electromagnetic waves. In particular it is necessary to take into account the precedent of Poliomyelitis, a disease for which the historical link with exposure to electromagnetif fields is particularly straightforwward (see the Poliomyelitis page or for a more precise account ). This precedent renders highly probable a connexion between the COVID-19 pandemy and exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Polio patients unable to breathe naturally were installed in these machines, the “iron lungs”.

On March 30th, 2020, the executive director of urgent health situation at WHO, Michael Ryan, said that there exists no proof suggesting that face mask wearing by the entier population is beneficial at all.

On the following day he changed his mind, due to pressure by mass medias, by a “group of medical doctors” who were in urgent need of feeling protected and reassured, and perhaps further pressure which we are unaware of.

That’s unfortunate, because in this specific case the WHO initially seemed to fulfill its role. But reality did not change simultaneously with Michael Ryan’s opinion. There is no proof of the efficiency of masks, especially non-medical masks for the general public. The few indications in favor of mask wearing are a study on hamster, which interpretation is open to discussion and which was never replicated, and some “anecdotic evidence” such as a masked contaminated traveller not contaminating other passengers (but one could certainly find a number of non-masked contaminated travellers who neither contaminated others); and a german study showing that contaminations ceased in Iena when facemasks became compulsory (but the same study also showed that this did not happen in four other cities). “Scientific” publications claiming the same but without proof seem to be self-multiplying. But no serious study is made to resolve the issue and no one even took the trouble to replicate the hamster study. The fact that virtually everybody on this planet now wear facemasks changes nothing to the factual reality and to scientific truth. Facemask use results from a collective phenomenon of self-persuasion which has no factual or scientific basis, except for widespread preconceived ideas which have not been confirmed by factual observation.

As a point of comparison, it is perfectly established that electromagnetic fields have an impact on cancer. This is confirmed by animal studies which are reproducible and were indeed replicated; and by valuable, high quality epidemiologic studies. A level of proof which is vastly superior to the one which justified generalized face mask wearing.

I also demonstrate on this web site that Poliomyelitis, a viral disease, was directly connected to emissions of electromagnetic fields. This demonstration is based on reliable historical data which is fully verifiable. It is thus certain (even though this certainty is refused by the majority) that electromagnetic fields do have an impact on viral disease. But of course there is no specific proof of the implication of electromagnetic fields in COVID, and there cannot be any because no one has been looking for such proof.

Yet, whilst carrying of face mask by the general public has become a worldwide reality, a careless attitude still prevails with regards to electromagnetic fields. Protests which attributed the pandemic to “5G” were quickly classified as “complotism” and did not trigger any serious scientific studies. The idea that electromagnetic fields may be the fundamental cause of the pandemic remains unheard of or “unacceptable” for most people, despite the fact that scientific evidence should yield the most stubborn scientist to a careful investigation of the issue.

Despite generalized face mask wearing, the second wave of the pandemic in Europe has been far stronger than the first in a number of countries, and in others it was roughly similar to the first. This is a strong indication that generalized face mask wearing is useless or even counter-productive, in agreement with the initial guidelines of the WHO. Yet face mask wearing remains compulsory in France. With regards to the standard of proof for the issue of COVID, there are major differences between how the impact of electromagnetic fields is dealt with, and how face mask wearing is dealt with.

For now people are still dying. Not only due to other people’s wrong decisions: each of us contributes, through silence or lack of interest, to the attitude of denialism which is the sole response of our industrial and political lobbies and of mainstream “science”. A science which on each day becomes nearer to a state religion, insofar as it forces mask wearing on women and men without due justifications, based on vague beliefs and weak deductions.

But that is not a reason for not doing nothing. There are true solutions to stop Covid. A reasonable scientific work should identify them, and an adequate implementation should make it possible to validate them.

You may contribute to resolve this problem by making a donation on this web site, the only rationalist web site which takes the entire problem in consideration, particularly with regards to viral diseases.

Do not believe that any institutional scientists will do the necessary work. Do not count on others generally, they are like the sheep on the image at the left. And even though I may be the “black sheep” on this image, I will go no further unless a significant number of my readers break the “pack behaviour” and leave the herd.

You should also not excessively trust vaccination. Uncertainties in this respect are extremely high. It is the first time in history that a vaccine is expected to stop a pandemic which has such a measurable impact on global death rates. It will also be the first time that such novel vaccine technology is implemented so quickly and massively, representing acceptance of a significant risk.

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