The contents of this web site represents 4 years of full-time research. There is a cost of that research, and you may participate to it by making a donation. Your donations are also the expression of your support and of your wish to see this work moving further, for example towards a deeper understanding of COVID.

A donation for an amount of at least 10 euros will additionally give you access to the entire web site for a duration of one year, including pages which are reserved for donors. Please note that these pages may change over time.

You can donate:

By bank transfer to the account of “Vincent Lauer EIRL” :

IBAN: FR76 1695 8000 0188 3869 4125 946
code banque: QNTOFRP1XXX

Please mention “donation RF health” as the purpose of the transfer and please send me your email address to with the reference of the bank transfer so that I cand send your password for full site access.

by cheque payable to “Vincent Lauer EIRL”, sent to :

Vincent Lauer EIRL
5 allée de l’Aire
44240 La Chapelle sur Erdre

Please send a letter with your cheque specifying that it is a donation giving you a full-site one-year access to the web site “”, and giving me your email address so that I can send your password for full site access.

By credit card or Paypal (choose an amount):
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If after a few days (maximum one week) you do not receive your password, please let me know by email to the address . Password management is manual, you may receive it quickly or less quickly depending on whether I am available.

So far as possible please leave me your full coordinates. I can send you an invoice if needed or if there is a legal obligation. Please note that I do not invoice VAT and you will not be able to deduce it.

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