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This web site is dedicated to the understanding of the effects of electromagnetic fields on biological systems, particularly on human health, particularly at low and very low power.

This understanding is based on modern physics and is opposed to the “Doctrine of Innocuity of Electromagnetic Waves”, a doctrine which is still being taught in some universities (see a comparison between these approaches). It is also based on elements of biology, concerning the immune system.

The proofs, of experimental nature, are taken from specialized publications showing biological effects of electromagnetic waves. These publications were not selected according to the conclusions or personal convictions of their authors, and comprise published data from authors strongly convinced that electromagnetic waves have no effects on health. One of the reasons why some authors did not identify the relevance and importance of their own observations is that these observations were incompatible with the inappropriate concepts of the physics of these interactions as it was taught in universities (Doctrine of the Innocuity of Electromagnetic Waves).

“Towards an integral recognition of electro-sensitivity in Europe”, Madrid, june 2015. From left to right: Bernardo Hernandez-Bataller (European Economic and social Committee), Julio Carmona Barros (Plataforma Estatal Contra la Contaminacion Electromagnética), Ceferino Maestu Unturbe (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid), Michèle Rivasi (member of the European Parliament, The Greens/EFA), Vincent Lauer (Coordination Nationale des Collectifs Contre les Antennes Relais).
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