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At the root of the present controversy, there is a well-established doctrine accoding to which electromagnetic waves would not have biological effects. This “Doctrine of the Innocuity of Electromagnetic Waves” is deprived of solid scientifc foundations and blind to the experimental reality. Reality is that a number of biological phenomena are influenced by transitions between distinct conformations of biological molecules, stimulated by electromagnetic waves in the radiofrequency domain, somewhat comparable to the transitions used in a Maser (microwave laser).

To properly understand the disputed issues, you can download the following document, which compares the Doctrine of Innocuity of Electromagnetic Waves with the modern scientific approach taking into account transitions which are stimulated by electromagnetic waves.

The Doctrine of Inocuity of waves, vs Transitions Stimulated by electromagnetic waves.

 A number of biological phenomena influenced by electromagnetic waves, but most importantly certain fundamental biological systems are entirely based on such transitions. One essential example is the recognition of antigens by T lymphocytes, which is the basis of adaptive immunity. This recognition uses natural electromagnetic waves in the radiofrequency domain, which are of thermal origin. When artificial electromagnetic waves are superimposed to natural electromagnetic waves, the recognition process is affected. To understand this interaction between artificial electromagnetic waves and the recognition of antigens by T lymphocytes, you can download the following document:

The physics of antigen recognition and of its interaction with electromagnetic waves.

Biological effects of the interaction of electromagnetic waves with T lymphocytes are determined not only by the physics of the interaction, but also by the cycle of T lymphocytes, particularly their selection in the thymus, which “regulates” the immune system so as to obtain a good compromise between cancer risk and the risk of auto-immune diseases. The global effects of electromagnetic waves exposure on cancer and auto-immunity are determined both by the direct physical effect and by the cycle of T lymphocytes. To understand how exposure to electromagnetic waves interacts with the cycle of T lymphocytes you can download the following document:

Interaction of the cycle of T lymphocytes with electromagnetic fields.

A corresponding reference paper is also available hereafter:

An easy-to-read introduction, limited to electromagnetic waves in the 0-3 GHz range used for telecommunications (including physics and biology)

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